Jokake Superintendent Carl Politico talks about his drive to work hard

Superintendent Carl Politico is coming up on his 21st year at Jokake. Known for his jokes and happy-go-lucky nature, anyone who has worked with him knows their project will not only be a great experience, but will exceed expectations. As he looks back over his major turning points, Carl offers insight into what’s helped keep him positive throughout the years.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received, and from whom?

“Always work hard.” OR “Work hard and your hard work will be recognized.” I received this advice from my father.  My father always reminded me of this as I was growing up, and upon getting my first job at Fry’s Food and Drug bagging groceries at the age of 15, he kept reassuring me of that.

What mistake did you make early on in your career that you learned from?

Many years ago, I judged someone the wrong way. I didn’t believe or had the trust and confidence in this person. I remember it to this day. Don’t judge. Talk it out before you do or say something you will regret.  Get to know the person more.  I have used this practice and lesson ever since and it has helped in many decisions I’ve had to make not only for work, but personal experiences.

Where do you attribute your success?

My family. They have always been patient and supportive to me. And to my father. I’ve never forgotten the advice from him who had told me to always work hard in your life and career.

I also attribute my success to the leadership of Jokake Construction. They have been very supportive (not only to myself), but to each and every one of us here in the company with their will to train, teach, and lead.

Which industry would you try if you started your career again?

My father had always hinted to my brother and me about opening a deep sea charter boat company. Fishing and deep sea fishing was something the whole family loved doing with Dad since we were kids. Maybe one day I could start it up. Fresh air, the ocean, no stress, and to be able to fish all day?  Sounds pretty good.

One piece of advice you’d give the next generation of construction professionals?

Have fun but be professional. Keep your head up. Be confident.

Another piece I would give is from one of my superiors that I won’t forget.  He once told me that there will be those blocked walls and roadblocks at work, project, and in life, but what is most important is how you will conquer and continue through those obstacles.