Office Growth + Culture

Not only is Jokake’s move to the Esplanade exciting, but there are a few things we’ve included in our space that are especially exciting and here’s why…

  1. Hoteling + Mobility: Everyone is on the go for meetings, lunches, coffees, etc. As a hub in the Biltmore corridor, the new office allows us to welcome clients and partners with a space to plug in and take a moment to catch up on the day. From the work cafe to hoteling offices to mini conference rooms, our new HQ includes a number of spots for you to grab a coffee or pour yourself a beer while you tie up some loose ends between meetings.
  2. V/R Room: Our in-house design and VDC capabilities are getting their own room. The office’s inspiration stems from technology and visualization. In an ever changing world of instant gratification visuals, we are excited to showcase our projects in a stunning way.
  3. First Floor: You can get to our office easily now! Not only are we moving to closer proximity of our clients and partners, but we are on the first floor with a large patio. Right off the entry to Tower III, our doors are always open for you to stop in!

The new office is undoubtedly a culture change for Jokake and those who have known us for our 38 years; however, with the growth of a company comes positive change to the office space we work in and the culture we build.