SUPIMA Cotton Exudes Utilitarian Elegance

Garnering inspiration from SUPIMA’s commitment to quality and luxury, the building’s architecture blends utilitarianism and elegance. Completed in early 2019, the colors and textures of the masonry screen walls and interior draperies exude elegance; whereas, the exposed structural elements and the masonry screen walls highlight some of the more functional aspects of design.

Despite SUPIMA’s notoriety as an international organization, the company’s history is rooted in Arizona and proudly represents one of the state’s “5 C’s.” The Owner was intentional in assembling a collaborating design team with RSP and construction team with Jokake to ensure the finished product would reflect some of its rich, local origins.

Construction and Design.

Due in large part to SUPIMA’s rich history in Arizona agriculture, much thought was given to how to imbed this heritage within the design so the project could properly honor the entity that was developing it. One of the innovative ideas was the design of the 20,000 SF CMU exterior, which required careful design, planning, and trial prior to the successful execution. The concrete exterior uses a solid material to represent, through its gradation of openings, cotton fiber fabric.

The interior of the SUPIMA office space was no exception to the high quality of the site and shell design. The modern exposed design theme required close attention to the smallest details, such as where to place thermostats and what color caulking to use within the glass partitions. Details like the polished concrete floor finish not only required careful execution, but the preparation process was highly involved. To ensure the highest quality, the concrete mix design was reviewed, placement of control joints was overseen to mitigate cracking, and the slab on grade installation required careful coordination. The field team at SUPIMA had the utmost focus on quality control throughout the project, and their involvement led to stunning office with unique, functional, and beautiful architectural details.

Project recognized as a 2019 ENR Southwest Best Project.