Discovering the Hidden Potential

Ditech at Discovery Business Campus has been just that - a discovery of the potential of the 136-acre property

Prior to relocating to the Discovery Business Campus, Ditech operated from three separate buildings throughout Tempe for over 10 years. Ditech is just one building in the massive redevelopment of the Discovery Business Campus, but the role the City of Tempe played in master plan entitlements and zoning was pivotal to this project’s success. The 173,000 square foot redevelopment included substantial site renovations, comprising of underground retention and a new parking lot, as well as significant shell improvements, including the new building facade and monument entrance.

Redeveloping a tired space.

One of the most notable components of the new Ditech Headquarters is the design created by DAVIS’ Richard Drinkwater and the transformation the space took from the previous tenant, Freescale, a subsidiary of Motorola. The once dark, gloomy clean room and sectioned off office space now features a glass curtain wall around the whole building with light streaming in from all angles including six skylights. The barriers inside the space were broken down to reveal an open office concept to employ upwards of 1,500 people creating fluidity throughout the 173,000 square foot space. Light and openness extend beyond the operations of the call center, as you are surrounded in the lobby by clearstory, 35-foot curtain walls of glass. The exterior skin features two-inch thick insulated metal panels, aiding in enhancing the efficiencies of the building despite all the glass features.

The space and building footprint was truly redeveloped with the removal of vacant storage areas to create more parking, adding lighting, and redoing all of the landscaping. Once a “zombie” and sore thumb in the Discovery Campus, the newly renovated Class-A office brings to light the impact of redeveloping a tired space versus scraping the building to build anew.

See a time lapse of the transformation captured by Wentworth Property Company.