Jokake Controller Diana Bujnovsky and her husband's journey with Feed My Starving Children

Controller Diana Bujnovsky and her husband, Dave, traveled with Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) to the Dominican Republic August 12-17th. This was their first international journey with FMSC and though they were a little apprehensive about their trip, they came back eager to volunteer for another mission trip.

FMSC provides nutritionally complete meals specifically formulated for malnourished children. Volunteers around the U.S. pack vitamins, vegetables, soy and rice into airtight bags, the bags go into boxes and the boxes are shipped around the world. Diana and Dave delivered boxes and had the opportunity to distribute and serve meals. “Every group that receives the food cooks it with their own spices, vegetables, meat – whatever they have available,” says Diana. “The FMSC food helps the families in the different villages stretch what they have and, more importantly, provides nutrition.”

The food FMSC provides is truly just an entry point into a village or town. Once people recover from a state of starvation to a state of health, other partners can come into the village and help with clean water, housing, education, medical care, etc. During their trip volunteers visited six village partners during and got to see first-hand how the food is changing lives in orphanages, hospitals, sugarcane villages and a budding community center.