Jokake Supports The Expansion of Biotechnology in Arizona

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In the last 10 years, Arizona has experienced exponential growth in life sciences and biotechnology, largely due to the establishment of ASU’s Biodesign Institute, Gateway Community College’s Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation, the booming local economy, and new policies to support the efforts of innovative companies. Needless to say, biotechnology in Arizona is flourishing.

Jokake’s market experts are committed to partnering with the cutting edge firms selecting Arizona as their headquarters or extending their reach to the Valley. In the last five years, our team has built over 100,000 square feet of cleanroom, manufacturing, and lab space that meet requirements for ISO 6-9 and/or BSL 1-4. Coupled with over 400,000 square feet of specialized healthcare construction in the last five years, our biotech team understands the intricacies and magnitude of these highly sophisticated spaces.

Our market expertise and success is multi-faceted, allowing our team meet clients wherever they are in their decision-making journey.

  • Early partnership and collaboration with design partners in a design-build relationship allows for thorough due diligence and review of test fits and space plans.
  • Market leader Gonzo Gonzalez and his team engage in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to eliminate roadblocks and provide a model of the project to the team partners prior to execution.
  • Meeting with ownership to provide building evaluations and needs assessment engages stakeholders to better understand the goals of the project, providing a more seamless construction phase.
  • Our relationships with venture capitalists and financial advisors creates alignment for innovative entrepreneurs.

Infusing creativity, eliminating roadblocks, and promoting efficiency, our biotech construction experts partner with design and ownership teams to provide validation and solutions to build the laboratory and research spaces that will transform health, science, and technology. As Arizona continues to gain traction as a destination for businesses, our technical market expertise compliments the influx of innovative companies.

Gonzo Gonzalez Jokake

Gonzo Gonzalez, Biotechnology Market Leader

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