Jokake Veteran Brian Mays shares some of his keys to success

Brian Mays Project Manager Jokake Construction Jokake Senior Project Manager Brian Mays celebrated 20 years with Jokake in January 2018. From converting a shopping mall to an office to working alongside one of the biggest non-profits in the country, Mays has fine tuned his approach, making him an easy go-to for clients. As he looks back at his career in construction, Brian offers insight into what drives him and a tip for the next generation.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received, and from whom?

This would be from my Grandfather in the late 70’s. “Brian, get a trade. If you have a trade, you will always have something to fall back on…”

What mistake did you make early on in your career that you learned from?

I’m sure I made my share of mistakes, but nothing stands out. We learn from our mistakes every day, and then improve how we move forward.

Where do you attribute your success?

Hard Work. From a very young age, my work ethic was different than most of my friends and family. The early bird gets the worm philosophy.

Which industry would you try if you started your career again?

I would have to say lawyer…years ago. Today, I think the choice I made was my destiny.

One piece of advice you’d give the next generation of construction professionals?

Build relationships with your clients; understand them personally and professionally.