Celebrating Women, Promoting Growth

March 9, 2020

March is Women’s History Month and it has already been marked by celebrations from varying professions and backgrounds, including Women in Construction Week and International Women’s Day. At Jokake, we are fortunate to have outstanding women team members and leaders. From business development to accounting to operations, it’s about more than women in construction – it’s about women advancing in their professional careers. Our growth and success are due, in large part, to providing our team, both women and men, with the opportunity to grow and develop their careers.

Stacey Noble, Director of Business Development

Having recently re-entered the commercial real estate industry and re-joining Jokake after a six-year hiatus, both the industry and my value to the company have transformed greatly; the latter due, in large part, to the leadership and structure at Jokake. The company continues to evolve to meet our customers’ needs, and stay competitive in this market, and my value is more outcome-driven than ever before.  My strengths are better utilized and I have the flexibility to determine how success is achieved. I have the opportunity to grow as a Director by servicing and growing Jokake’s platform while balancing my role as a working mom.


Diana Bujnovsky, Controller

I did not start my accounting career with the goal of working in the construction industry. In some ways, this industry picked me, and I have enjoyed every minute. Working in accounting for a commercial real estate services firm has given me the opportunity to go beyond the debits and credits. As Controller, Jokake has given me the opportunity to touch many other aspects of the business-like process improvement, implementation of new software, facilitating classes about employee ownership, and serving on the leadership team. My favorite part of this role, though, is working side-by-side with the folks in the accounting department, helping them grow, learn, and genuinely find happiness in their successes.


Holly Chilicas, Project Manager

I have watched the commercial real estate industry, and even more specifically construction, become a different landscape than it was when I first entered 7 years ago with an architectural firm. Beyond the industry’s growth, my own growth as an architect in training has led me from design studios to working as a Design Project Manager for Jokake. The opportunity to bring my expertise to a commercial real estate services firm has given me the chance to be an integral part of a team, driving success in the pre-construction phases and providing solutions throughout the construction of a project. I feel like I have more control of my destiny than in my previous roles – I am able to experience a variety of steps in the real estate cycle and align myself with personal goals for growth and development.