Career Growth as Part of Jokake Culture

March 2, 2020

In January 2020, Jokake Project Engineer Jesse Zwick celebrated his four-year anniversary with the company. This fourth year, though, is unique – this is Jesse’s first year as an employee with the company; during his previous three years, Jesse served as an intern while finishing his degree at Arizona State University. Jesse’s passion, project experiences, grit, and courage to take on a variety of challenges made it an easy decision to offer him a full-time Project Engineer position upon graduation from ASU’s Del E. Webb School of Construction.

Jesse Zwick’s experience as an intern while attending school was invaluable. Not only did he gain hands-on experience in the field and in the office, but he was aligned with company mentors to guide him along the way and expose him to responsibilities an intern would typically not experience. “Throughout my internship, I felt like a valued asset and a true part of the construction team, not just an intern. As my work capacity grew, I would be assigned to responsibilities closer to the Project Manager’s realm of work, something some of my peers were not able to experience,” Zwick said. Though the time commitment to maintain a professional position while balancing a full course load was exhausting, Jesse’s experience put him ahead of the curve when he graduated. Shortly after beginning his new role as Project Engineer, Zwick completed his first project acting as the sole Project Manager, was teamed on two multi-million dollar projects, and is maintaining his current client relationships and their project workload.

Jesse’s growth and development is the perfect example illustrating the opportunities for employees to explore and develop their career paths. During his internship, Jesse was exposed to the field and office side to give him a broader understanding of the project inner-workings, as well as to offer him the experience of the two roles. Zwick mentioned, “Though I love being on site and in the action with subcontractors and foremen, I believe I would work better as a project manager in my future career. I like tackling the high-conceptual issues and think I would be good as a liaison to the client.” As Jesse grows in his role, though, should he change his mind, he will be encouraged to work as a Superintendent on projects.

Whether you’re an intern or developing Project Engineer, Project Manager, or Superintendent, Jokake makes a commitment to personal and professional development. Employees are encouraged to experience the variety of roles in operations to not only better understand the business, but to explore a new career path that may be left otherwise undiscovered. Jokake’s goal for its employees is not just about company success; it’s about success and professional and personal growth for all the employees.