Casey Cartier’s Big Scramble

April 5, 2018

Jokake Construction’s CEO Casey Cartier running the Crown King Scramble

Jokake Construction CEO/President Casey Cartier has been “in the zone” for months to prepare for the March 24 Crown King Scramble from Lake Pleasant to Crown King. The 31.4-mile run became part of a bet he made with some friends – each had to pick a personal challenge for the year (running is Casey’s nemesis), and if not completed, they had to do something ridiculous, such as sing songs in a suit in the middle of the mall. Fortunately for Casey, he completed his personal challenge in 8 hours and 50 minutes for a total of over 63,000 steps.

The trail traverses through several climate zones that takes you from the “spines” to “pines.” The first half of the race is on rolling smooth dirt forest roads and the back half is on rough four wheel drive jeep trail that climbs steeply up into the mountains. The race starts at 1,700 feet elevation and tops out at mile 28.7 at 7,520 feet elevation before a final 600 foot descent into the finish.