Carvana 360° Timelapse video

March 9, 2018

Carvana, which sells used cars through an innovative virtual model, operates five buildings on a 40-acre site in Tolleson, Arizona. Each building serves a unique purpose to the rehabilitation process – vehicle maintenance, body paint, automated photo booth, as well as administrative office space – which you can view in 360° in this YouTube video.

Buildings 1, 2, and 3 at a total of 94,000 square feet.

Phase I of the new 150-point industrial inspection facility includes three buildings that were retrofitted from a truss manufacturer’s operations to the car giant’s service mart. On the south side of the 40 acres, one half of Building 1 houses the full auto detail department featuring eight stations while the other half hosts the dent and bondo department, including windshield replacement. An industrial car wash was retrofitted in an existing exterior bay for pressure washing, engine steam cleaning, and traditional car cleaning. Next door, Building 2 is the anchor for the operations facility team coordinating the delivery of the vehicles.

Building 3, the 56,000 square foot industrial center of Carvana, features the most extensive equipment for inspection. With 30+ mechanical car lifts, air compressors, a tire station for mounting and balancing, and the photo domes, the building assembly lines service cars every 15 minutes, amounting to well over 1,000 cars a week. Safety striping on the epoxy coated floors navigates the mechanics through the building and safety bollards were erected at key equipment locations. Truck docks and multiple overhead doors make it easier to load the Carvana haulers to deliver cars locally or to different cities.

The photo domes for interior and exterior vehicle shots were designed specifically for the West Coast Facility. Upon completion of Phase II, both will be broken down and moved from Building 3 to Building 5. Designed in collaboration with Ovad Custom, Carvana’s Australian vendor, and Jokake Construction, each dome holds one vehicle at a time and takes 360-degree photos. Challenges arose as Jokake reviewed the drawings, noticing that the domes did not meet local fire or electrical codes. Jokake and Ovad modified the design to include fire sprinklers and appropriate electrical systems without compromising the designed lighting package, critical to the effectiveness of the photo domes.

Jokake Carvana_photo dome