Jokake President & CEO Talks BIM

October 31, 2017

Jokake President & CEO Casey Cartier speaks about the rising trend of BIM in Arizona Business Leader’s 2018 issue

In Arizona Business Leader’s 2018 issue, Jokake CEO & President Casey Cartier spoke about the rising trend of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and its immediate impact on the construction industry.

What’s the next technology that will either start to be implemented or will be adopted in greater numbers next year?

  • Implementation of virtual construction technologies, specifically building information modeling, or BIM, will continue to evolve and grow.
  • Structural prefabrication is very popular around the U.S. and internationally, and I think Arizona will see an increase of that building method.
  • Construction traditionally adopts great technology from other industries and I think logistics technology – being able to bring manufactured things to the site versus building out of bricks and sticks – is really the next big thing. Our industry can learn a lot from distribution channels like UPS and Amazon to apply what they do to the business of construction. This will become more and more important as we continue to deal with price and labor constraints.

What would more BIM adoption do to the construction industry?

Speed to market will be the first change. If we can shorten the time frame between concept and construction, we’ll really get more creative solutions without being directly impacted by the crunch in labor and training. Technology will bridge that gap and help us deliver concepts from the architect’s mind to the tradesman’s hands; as a general contractor our job will continue to focus on project management, safety, and quality.