BIM There, Done That

October 2, 2017

Building Information Modeling, more commonly known as BIM, is a tool that allows construction professionals to more efficiently manage design and construction efforts.

The application of BIM comes in many forms, and its use can be tailored to the client’s goals and the project’s needs to gain better efficiencies. At Jokake, BIM is typically employed on complex projects to promote collaboration with designers and subcontractors to find viable solutions. Our team will create a model of the building using Revit or Navisworks and work through the building’s progression during design to identify clashes for construction. Early identification of these clashes prompts the team to resolve the issue before the construction begins and the obstructions becomes hindrances to  the schedule and budget. The benefit of using BIM to create a model before construction even begins is twofold: (1) fixing clashes in the models is a fraction of the cost of fixing clashes after in real time; and (2) the models allow for a 360 degree view of how installation should commence, which typical 2D plans cannot illustrate.

Although Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical BIM is most prevalent, Civil BIM has been an invaluable tool on a recent 90,000 SF ground-up healthcare project. Our team inherited a significant amount of undocumented storm drain, plumbing, electrical, and low voltage utilities that needed to be relocated from within our building pad. We led the effort to utilize Bluebeam and Civil BIM technology to suggest how existing and new utilities should be laid out to best work with the Owner’s longer term masterplan.

As we work through pre-construction, we are able to use our expertise to better identify clashes in design and provide accurate takeoffs; we are also able to maintain the design intent through close collaboration during pre-construction. Jokake’s strategic application of innovation on each project minimizes risks to a project’s success, and ensures the client that only the most beneficial tools will be implemented.