Candace Rosauro Gives an Inside Look to Industrial Manfuacturing

August 15, 2017

Jokake’s industrial expert sheds some light on her passion for industrial manufacturing projects and the value Jokake brings to these projects.

Business Development Director Candace Rosauro’s 10+ years of experience in architectural and construction give her a unique perspective and approach to business development and client relations. Rosauro received a Masters degree in Construction Management from Arizona State University and a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from San Francisco State University. She is an active member of NAIOP Arizona Chapter, Arizona Association for Economic Development, and Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

How did you first get involved with industrial manufacturing projects?

My first job in the construction industry was my gateway into industrial projects. While I was attending ASU full time, I landed a full-time job with a Design-Build General Contractor based in Tennessee with a satellite office here in Phoenix. Our local team specifically worked on industrial manufacturing and distribution projects.

What was your first industrial project?

I was a Project Engineer on the 1.3 million square foot Ross Stores Distribution Center in Moreno Valley, California in 2005. This project will forever hold a special place in my memory with a lot of “firsts:” the first time I climbed a ladder to inspect the roof of a project; the first time I traveled for my job; and the first time I realized the opportunity I had as a young, college student sitting at the table with experienced construction professionals as part of their team. Between the demands of being a full-time student with studying and homework, I traveled to California for weekly jobsite meetings, reviewed RFIs and submittals, and assisted with subcontractor coordination. The whole experience helped me realize my passion for construction.

How is the industrial market sector different from other market sectors?

The planning, design and construction of industrial projects is largely centered on the manufacturing process. The Plant Manager is very influential because they are responsible for managing and overseeing the manufacturing process. Many times the Plant Manager is the gatekeeper of this information, making their input critical since we are ultimately building a facility that will support that process. It’s important for us to understand the programming process and to figure out the necessary requirements for utility requirements including power, water, and gas.

What is one of your most memorable industrial projects?

A plastic injection company that manufactured caps for water bottles. It was like being a part of an episode of “How It’s Made!” I led this project from pre-design, guiding the user through site evaluations, site selection, and permit. I was also able to advise them through some pretty important issues (GC selection, municipality incentives, city processes for expediting the project, etc.).  Beyond working so closely with the user and understanding their business, I was fascinated by the process. You might hear water bottle cap manufacturing and immediately lose interest, but everything that goes into making this small item is astounding.

What value does Jokake Construction bring to industrial manufacturing construction?

In the last five years Jokake has successfully expanded into new, ground-up construction, but prior to that our company was primarily focused on interior renovations. Jokake’s history working in and around business processes coupled with sophisticated building practices translates very well to industrial projects – which have a large focus on both structure AND systems. We start with understanding the client’s business and invest ourselves in understanding their unique processes; then we employ critical thinking to lead development, pre-construction and construction. The ability to foresee and solve potential challenges and issues, while maintaining a consistent focus on the manufacturing process, is extremely important and valuable to our industrial clients.